I am available for commissions worldwide, ranging from covering news to documentary work, studio photography and post production.
To have more details about my workshops, exhibitions, fine art prints or for assignment works, please contact me.

I'm a happy "social free"

This website, as well as me, is “social free”. This means that I have decided not to give power to big companies over my private life, providing them my personal data and informations useful for the profiling.
Free yourself too, unsubscribe from social media, regain more power over your daily life, without being influenced. You will have more time towards your family and friends and you will be able to devote more distraction-free time to your passions (plus much more).
To keep in touch with me, write an email to: info(at)

My Location

My studio is located in downtown Palermo, right in e heart of the city. Conveniently surrounded by some of the most interesting places and gardens.

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