A kiss in Berlin

14 April 2019

This is a limited edition photo: 5 prints.
The photo print is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Valerio Bellone.
Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print.

Questa è una foto in tiratura limitata: 5 stampe.
La stampa fotografica è controllata, firmata, datata e numerata da Valerio Bellone.
Con ogni stampa viene fornito un certificato autenticità.


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Hauptbahnhof – Berlin (Germany)

• Printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle.

Tale of the photo

During my photographic growth I have always kept in mind the work of many great photographers of the past, both from a stylistic and narrative point of view. Robert Doisneau – French photographer, belonging to the humanist photographic current – was one of those who most influenced my way of observing.

In 2011 I was in Berlin and on a rainy August day I was taking a trip around the city on the subway. While I was waiting for the train, in the Hauptbahnhof station, I saw a young couple hugging and kissing passionately, just a moment before dividing… the guy was about to take the incoming train.

At that moment I was reminded of artfully created photography, by Doisneau, with the use of two actors, photo known as “Le Baiser De L’Hotel De Ville” (which became the most famous kiss in the history of photography). I had the camera in my hand, so I looked in the viewfinder and took the picture, becoming, in some way, part of their passion.

I consider my photo a tribute to Doisneau, and I put it for sale, in a limited edition of 5 copies, 70×47 cm, printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle.

Dimensions 70 × 47 cm

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