Monte Gallo – The rocky mountain of Palermo

28 March 2019
SKU: PN-16

This is a limited edition photo: 10 prints.
The photo print is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Valerio Bellone.
Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print.

Questa è una foto in tiratura limitata: 10 stampe.
La stampa fotografica è controllata, firmata, datata e numerata da Valerio Bellone.
Con ogni stampa viene fornito un certificato autenticità.



Gallo Mountain (Palermo)

• Printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle

Tale of the photo

Monte Gallo is not a big mountain, but its walls are rocky, majestic and imposing. Talking about the small mountains around my city, Palermo, Gallo is one of my favorite ones.

Spending time observing it has always given me a sense of security. So I decided to pay homage to it with an impressive photograph, in fact the photograph realized with a particular technique brings together over 90 shots. The result is a huge photo in which the details are of high quality even if observed closely.

I sell this photo in a limited series of 10 prints, made in three sizes: 100×45, 200×90 and 300×135 cm. Photography is printed on museum quality photographic paper Hahnemuhle.

Dimensions 300 × 135 cm
Available sizes

100×45 cm, 200×90 cm, 300×135 cm


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