Palermo view – Big clouds with a own soul

25 March 2019
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This is a limited edition photo: 9 prints.
The photo print is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Valerio Bellone.
Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print.

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Questa è una foto in tiratura limitata: 9 stampe.
La stampa fotografica è controllata, firmata, datata e numerata da Valerio Bellone.
Con ogni stampa viene fornito un certificato autenticità.

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Palermo view – Photograph taken from Monte Pellegrino

• Printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle

Tale of the photo

Palermo has various point of view from the small mountains that embrace it. One of my favorite views is the one from Monte Pellegrino looking towards Via Messina Marine, where the gaze moves away from the city towards Aspra and Capo Zafferano.

One day, looking out from the balcony of my house, I saw a storm coming from the east, so I decided to take the car to go quickly to one of my favorite observation points in the city.
Upon my arrival I found an immense cloudy heap advancing rapidly towards Palermo. The cloud was so large that the promontory below looked microscopic.
So I decided to take a panoramic photo with the collage technique to better describe the climate event. What was born was a very long panoramic photo of about 5 meters. From this I pulled out a section of one meter to give greater emphasis to the huge cloud that seems to contain a own soul.
This is how this “Palermo view” came into being, which I now sell in a limited edition of 12 prints 100×50 cm, on photographic museum quality paper, Hahnemuhle.

Dimensions 100 × 50 cm

2019, © Valerio Bellone
All Rights Reserved

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