A solitary palm in the desert

25 March 2019
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This is a limited edition photo: 9 prints.
The photo print is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Valerio Bellone.
Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print.

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Questa è una foto in tiratura limitata: 9 stampe.
La stampa fotografica è controllata, firmata, datata e numerata da Valerio Bellone.
Con ogni stampa viene fornito un certificato autenticità.

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Sahara desert – Erg Chebbi, Morocco

• Printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle

Tale of the photo

Walking in the desert I met a solitary palm who said to me: “Hi, what are you doing here alone?”.
Actually I didn’t even know what I was doing there, I was just walking; so, not knowing what to say, I replied: “I wanted to meet you to take a picture of you”.
The palm then said: “And you came up here, on foot, just to take a picture of me? Why don’t you sit here next to me, and you keep me company?”
I thought: “Why not”; so I sat down.
Next to it, time became less important and without realizing that, several moons passed, during which we questioned ourselves about the infinite starry sky above us.
Palm then asked me, “But how did you get here through this endless desert?”
I looked at it and replied: “In truth, however great it is, beyond this desert there are mountains, oceans and forests; the desert is not infinite, only large enough to make us think it is without borders”.
Palm remained silent for a while and then said: “Perhaps nothing is infinite, but we perceive the infinite outside of us because the infinite is within us”.
So I said, “I think you’re right, I can feel it inside me.”
Then palm exclaimed: “I believe that now is the time for you to return to your home. But before you go, take a photo of me! So you will remember this place. Sooner or later someone will begin to fill this vast, seemingly dead, space with falsely alive things that will make him die. About this ancestral world there will soon remain only a footprint in a photograph”.
So I shooted the the picture and walked away. I said goodbye and started walking again.

The photograph is on sale today in a limited edition of 9 copies, printed in 120×80 and 70×47 cm formats, on museum quality photographic paper Hahnemuhle.

Dimensions 120 × 80 cm
Available sizes

PRINT: 120×80 cm, PRINT: 70×47 cm

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