Tuff quarries Favignana – Bue marino

24 March 2019
SKU: PN-03

This is a limited edition photo: 10 prints.
The photo print is inspected, signed, dated and numbered by Valerio Bellone.
Certificates of Authenticity are provided with each print.

Questa è una foto in tiratura limitata: 10 stampe.
La stampa fotografica è controllata, firmata, datata e numerata da Valerio Bellone.
Con ogni stampa viene fornito un certificato autenticità.



• Printed on photographic paper museum quality Hahnemuhle

Tale of the photo

Photos of the tuff quarries on the Favignana island (Egadi islands, Sicily, Italy).
“Bue Marino” is an old disused tuff quarry in the southeast part of island.
The photo shows, through the lights and shadows, the erosive work of wind and sea on the old rock of the quarry.

Favignana is a Sicilian island known for its crystal clear sea with intense colors, for the “mattanza” (tuna slaughter) and for its tuff quarries.
I have been visiting this place since I was a child and as a photographer the thing that has always fascinated me are its tuff quarries.
I have photographed many quarries and in this particular photo – which I put up for sale in limited edition of 10 prints 70x47cm – the beauty of the passing time, emerges on the tufa, left bare by the past generations of quarrymen.
The slow and relentless action of the sea and the wind, digs, minute after minute, the enormous blocks left, creating fascinating lights and shadows shapes.

Dimensions 120 × 80 cm
Available sizes

120×80 cm, 70×47 cm


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